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2010 Gubernatorial Debate at UC Davis

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Brown/Whitman Face to Face Debate

Brown/Whitman Face to Face Debate

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Attorney general debate

Watch a video of the Oct. 5 California attorney general debate at UC Davis between candidates Steve Cooley and Kamala Harris.

Brown/Whitman: Face to Face

Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman faced off Tuesday, Sept. 28, at UC Davis. The first debate between the Democrat and Republican candidates for governor of California took place from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. PDT in the UC Davis Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts.

Debate Day from start to finish

By Dave Jones

Dateline UC Davis, 9.29.10

The gubernatorial debate on Sept. 28 gave everyone at UC Davis a political workout:

  • Davis College Democrats and Students for Meg who went toe-to-toe on Vanderhoef Quad.
  • Faculty members who participated in a forum, before the debate, about what to watch and listen for.
  • A dozen students who worked on the Truth Team, instantly checking facts as the debate went on.
  • Hundreds of staff, from University Communications and Government and Community Relations and elsewhere, who organized and ran the debate that attracted media attention from around the country.

Attorney General Jerry Brown, the Democratic candidate for governor, got in two workouts: as a campaigner, on stage, and as a runner, before the debate, on the indoor track at the Activities and Recreation Center.…

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